Week 17/52 Time


At the beginning of April, I quit my job at the dining commons because I had a better opportunity.
I'm now the photo editor for my university's daily newspaper called "Daily Nexus." :) How awesome it is to be paid for what you love doing already!

Pass the Parcel

Yesterday we wrapped "Pass the Parcel"! We had an awesome two consecutive days of being on location at Sedgwick Reserve. Even though the sun, the heat, and the terrain was unforgiving, we got through it and then some. On the first day, we had some mishaps with the camera, but we ended up being ahead of schedule. I loved being on such an awesome crew, everyone was so hard working and dedicated!

"Pass the Parcel" was directed by Chris Witschy and produced by Kasey Lubin. Shot on 16mm film with an Arriflex SRII.

Behind the Scenes of "Silent Heart"

I have been keeping myself busy! Yesterday we wrapped "Silent Heart," a film by my extremely talented friend Ryan Turner. Shot on 16mm film, it will premiere on May 27, 2011 at the 20th annual Reel Loud Film Festival! For Reel Loud, all films must be shot in 16mm film and accompanied by a live musical performance. :) I worked as best boy (best girl?) electric and also took photos whenever I found some time to sneak some shots in. Enjoy!

Check out my short Behind the Scenes video:

Shooting Sports

Today was my first time attempting to shoot sports! I shadowed Rowan at the men's volleyball game (UCSB vs Pacific) and it was a pretty cool experience. I borrowed the super old 80-200mm f/2.8 from the Daily Nexus to shoot, and though I struggled with it for a bit, I got maybe one or two decent shots. Check it out!

Fisheye Fun!

My dad let me use his Nikkor 10.5mm f/2.8 fisheye lens, and boy it is a lot of fun! I never thought fisheye images were really my kind of style, but I've gotten some really cool images from this little toy.