The Last of the Instax Mini

I'm happy to say that I was featured over at Snap it See it's Artist Spotlight recently! :)

I was in Gilroy at the time and left most of my instant film back in SoCal, so I didn't have too much to show for my Artist Spotlight images. That'll teach me not to properly scan my instant images immediately! But then again, I don't have a scanner. My "scans" have been me just taking pictures of the images as best I can, like this:

instax mini Fuji X100S presentation board

That's some high tech stuff. I'll have to go over to Tyler's to scan properly.
Anyway, I shot off the last few frames that were still sitting in my Instax Mini (the 7s) and I quite like them.

instax mini 7s
instax mini 7s

New Cameras

I haven't updated this as often as I used to since I switched over my wedding and portrait work over to and have since been wondering how to keep this blog updated as well.

"What do you do for fun?" is a question people like to ask, and I think I finally have an answer besides "I still like to take pictures in my free time." I like to learn and shoot with film. In my free time I've been going out with some film cameras, but I haven't really posted any of the results here. I think it's maybe because I haven't been satisfied with my skills yet, but it'd be fun to start keeping track of my progress here.

A friend of mine has access to a darkroom where he can help me develop some black and white film, and I've been playing with the idea of getting an Epson V600 to scan my own negatives. Maybe if I get better at this stuff I can start saving money from sending my film out. I got more time than money! I'm going to try to use the resources I have as much as I can.

Anyway, the two recent new cameras I got is the Nikon FM and the Mamiya 645af. Both were an awesome deal I didn't want to pass up. I wanted a 35mm film camera after the Nikon N80 mysteriously stopped working, and I also wanted a medium format camera with autofocus (Recently I've absolutely just been SUCKING at manually focusing with the Mamiya RB67), and the size of the RB67 has been keeping me from going out and shooting with it.

Nikon FM Mamiya 645af

Someone stop me from buying ANY OTHER CAMERAS from now on. I've covered ALL my bases, and have absolutely NO REASON to get anything else.

I Made A Book!

This is a bit different what I normally post, but I did hear recently that creatives are chronic night owls. Last night at 2am, I was sifting through some of my old stuff and came across some paper that I saved from old notepads and old notebooks. At the same time, I needed a new journal book for my work and I didn't want to buy one, so I decided to make my own!

I followed the instructions from here: and then added my own little touches towards the end. I used the paper from an old notepad and the simple cardboard packaging used to keep my 8x10"s from bending and some random fabric I used as backgrounds for my product shoots.

Here it is!