The last days of summer...

Things have been a bit quiet around here because I just moved into my new apartment, was without internet for a while, and my final year of college has just started!

But anyway, here are a couple snaps from the last time I was up north. The light was beautiful and the scenery was amazing, and I even bumped into someone who recognized me from my photos on flickr! While I was up, I did a small video gig and met a few cool people and visited an amazing photo studio. I really like it up north. It might even be grounds for a potential post-grad spot, who knows.


Olympus 35RC

I've rarely ever shot film, but when I did, I used the Olympus 35 RC rangefinder. {see what I did there? :P} It was pretty fun, just a tad challenging though. It's near impossible to focus with that thing! Using the double images in bright daylight? Not too bad. But try shooting indoors? Forget it. The battery in the Olympus 35RC I was using was dead, so we had to meter with the DSLR we carried around. Then after a while we made it a game to meter ourselves, guessing the aperture and appropriate shutter speed with the given ISO400. Here are some of the results! The black and white film we used was  Kodak Professional BW400CN and the color film we used was an old, really shoddy Kodacolor 400.

Week 35/52 Super Massive Black Hole

Something completelyyyyy different from what I usually shoot! Tyler and I are in the car driving down Santa Teresa road in Gilroy, CA. We stuck the tripod with the camera in the back and used a remote to trigger the 8 second shutter. Pretty exciting stuff!!