Self Portrait of Substance

This week's 52 self portrait is based on Rodney Smith's short blurb about smiles in portraits and the false sentiment it evokes.
"The truth is no portrait of substance has people smiling. Look at the history of painting, Rembrandt, Titian, Goya, Velasquez, Sargent, Vermeer, DaVinci, etc., the subjects gaze to the viewer is neutral at best, neither inviting nor forbidding. It is there for the viewer to see and feel.
Smiling is like much of American popular culture, superficial and misleading. It is part of our vernacular, but it should be expunged in photographs."

A little bit of self loathing


I cannot wait to be done with this 52 Weeks. I am so tired of shooting myself.
Generally have not been feeling fine and dandy lately. I don't care much for school right now, my photography is sporadic and unrefined, and I am too close to official unemployment in the next few months.


Kissing Margery Clean Day 3

We worked in the sound stage all day that day. UCSB really isn't a film production school, so this sound stage is very new. Everyone is always excited to work in it :)

Week 45/52 Joker

I temporarily lost my tripod base plate, so I'll have to do my 52 weeks without a tripod for a couple weeks... eep!

New 85mm f/1.4D!

Tyler found us an amazing deal for an 85mm f/1.4D for only $900. The list price goes for about $1400, so I knew I had to snag it! I also wanted to take new portraits for some portfolio material, and Tyler was happy to oblige. This lens is absolutely AMAZING. It's solidly built and has a nice, weighty feel to it. It definitely deserves its nickname as the "cream machine" as it definitely just smooths out backgrounds. Enjoy!

Tyler took a few shots of me, but it was really windy and my hair wouldn't cooperate, so I shot him instead!