Finch Snuggles

Sony a7s zebra finches
Sometimes, they sleep together all cuddled up like this at night. The baby birds have pretty much developed all their final colors. No matter how old they get, the children will always be babies to me.

(Left to right: Baby boy, mother, baby girl, father)

Shark Fin Cove in Davenport Beaches

While Tyler was driving, I frantically searched "Shark Fin Cove" into Google Maps, but no actual location popped up, only a not-very-useful "Highway 1, Davenport, CA" address.

It was coming up any minute and turning around on a one lane highway was too stressful to think about.

I googled "Shark Fin Cove" and looked for any indication of a location on a map and then proceeded to try to match the edges of the coast to the app. It was like studying puzzle pieces.

It looked like it was coming up soon. One minute later, I told him "It should be any parking area that comes up RIGHT after Bonny Doon road."

We literally just had a few minutes of light left. It didn't help that I wasn't wearing appropriate footwear.

Shark Fin Cove on Polaroid 195
Shark Fin Cove on Polaroid 195

(I'm never wearing the right shoes for these things.)

Shark Fin Cove iPhone 5s

Shark Fin Cove iPhone 5s
Shark Fin Cove iPhone 5s Shark Fin Cove iPhone 5s

Also, as a final note, here's how to find Shark Fin Cove, since it wasn't easy finding exact directions.

Shark Fin Cove Directions

Basically, turn left and park in the lot that comes RIGHT AFTER BONNY DOON ROAD when traveling north on Highway 1.