Baby Jack

Good light, without a doubt, makes an image so much stronger. I shot some portraits for Mei and John and their one month old baby Jack, and it was absolutely lovely being able to capture these wonderful moments. It was my first time shooting a family (much less a baby!). We shot late in the afternoon as the sun was starting to go down, and the sun just happened to pass through some trees and it just created the most glorious light. I asked the family to stand where the light looked amazing, waited for the baby to settle down from time to time, and snapped away. Beautiful things happen when you let people be themselves.

Jalama Beach

Ben, Tyler, and I went to Jalama Beach to go shoot a bit and eat their delicious burgers. I think this image sums up the day. Ben built an incredible large format film camera out of legos and a lens from 1913, and it was pretty hilarious that it was impossible to frame an image or decide whether the image would be in focus or not (the lens could only focus up to 3 feet). 

Also, it was raining and there was a stray cat that followed us around and gave Tyler a small allergic reaction. 


We're going to try to take a picture together every day that we're together.


It's that time of year again at UCSB... REEL LOUD! Honestly it's very much like an end of the year banquet for film majors. I've already bought my dress for it (only $10! I love inexpensive clothes). Reel Loud is UCSB's prestigious annual film festival in which all the films are shot and edited on 16mm film, just like the old ways. There's live music accompaniment with the films and people get pretty into it.

This year, I only worked on one Reel Loud... TRUNKO. In previous years I've worked on maybe 3 or 4 at a time, but that usually burnt me out and I sometimes had trouble with which film to be loyal to. :P

TRUNKO is about a boy who finds a corpse washed up a beach, and he becomes friends with it. His school bullies try to take the corpse away from him, and the boy must stand up for himself.

The story was endearing and I was honored to DP it. Though we hit some rough patches along the way, it was definitely a rewarding experience and I learned so much (including the fact that I should've worn sunscreen on the second day!!!) I saw an immense amount of dedication and investment with the people I worked with.

Just a couple snaps with the iPhone:

Written, directed, and produced by Sam Lerner

Gratuitous Peanut Photos... and some cats

All out animal blog post!! I may or may not have an obsession with Peanut, Tyler's corgi. He's extremely well-behaved and smart when he's indoors, but he becomes vicious towards other dogs or bolts off if his leash isn't on. Behind the mask of the sweet, innocent puppy eyes lies a competitive, stubborn little guy who loves other people and hates other dogs. "No Peanut, STOP trying to fight those other dogs!"

And also complementary photos of Astro and Jaws.

And because Peanut always stares at me with those big eyes and I always carry my iPhone: