Venus & Philip | Capitola by the Sea

Back in June I second shot a wedding for Victor Llana of Boundless Captures Photography at the beautiful Shadowbrook Restaurant in Capitola-by-the-Sea. I had the pleasure of working with an awesome group and an awesome couple. Venus and Philip's only concern of the day was of each other. When Venus first entered the reception and saw her wedding cake for the first time, she was so excited and surprised! Brides should never have to worry about the logistics of the day!

Streets of San Francisco

Trying my hand at some good old black and white street photography. Images shot with the Fujifilm X100.

Fujifilm X100

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I picked up a Fujifilm X100 recently and I have been having a blast shooting with it.  I'm going to Hong Kong in a few months and I wanted a quality camera I can bring with me without weighing me down or generating too much attention (wow, that's a big camera!).

It's definitely got the little annoyances that I was prepared for from reading reviews online, such as the autofocus, its power up speed, and generally the menu interface and such. I decided to get one because carrying around the D700 was troublesome, heavy, and got a lot of attention. I wanted something compact with the superior image quality I craved so much. My Canon S95 just didn't compare to the quality of my D700 nor the convenience of the camera I always have with me - the iPhone.

I love having the X100 around. It's extremely quiet, discreet, and compact and gorgeous enough to wear around my neck without feeling silly. The image quality is amazing, and I love the fixed focal length. Here are some shots I got with it around Henry Coe Park, Fremont Peak, and San Francisco.

A Weekend in Gilroy on the Iphone

"The best camera is the one you have with you."

This weekend I am up in Gilroy with Tyler and Ben. We visited the gorgeous fields by the hills of Henry Coe Park and Mantelli road. There's just something about yellow fields and green trees that I go crazy over! All images are shot and edited by Vsco Cam and Instagram on the iPhone. You can follow my instagram pictures over at @serend1p1tyx.

Getting Ready | A Special Highlight

One of my favorite things to photograph on a wedding day is the process of getting ready. There are a lot of emotions between different people. Some are quietly anxious and some show their excitement through lots of laughs and smiles. My goal is to capture those emotions in an interesting image. I'd like to share a getting ready series with a wedding I second shot with Victor of Boundless Captures Photography. Instead of getting ready in a hotel room, Philip got ready at his parents' house. It was amazing. There was just something about the textured walls and the busyness of the familial space that showed a home that had been lived in and contained so many memories in it.