Week 43/52 Untitled

no title this 52 week. things are crazy yet unnervingly quiet. a bit anxious of what's to come

Chan Teas

"When you drink tea in solitude, it makes room for self-awareness and self-reflection. When you pour tea for others, it brings people together and facilitates a real human connection."
-Chan Teas

The Hidden Gem of Isla Vista

Pretty things besides the beach also exist in Isla Vista. You just have to look around.

And a pretty neat shot from on campus. :)

Week 39/52 Storm Chaser

This past month has been an absolute blast for me. This week, I got lazy taking a 52 Weeks because I've had a special someone who takes amazing photos of me. More pictures to come soon. I got him a Nikon N80 for his birthday present :)