The Monterey Bay Aquarium Experience

Last time I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, I naturally took pictures of the sea life and cute animals. This time when I returned, I decided to take just a few shots focusing on the atmosphere and experience of the aquarium. Enjoy! :)

Feeling Lazy

This summer has been a lazily busy one. Taking both summer sessions with an internship keeps me busy. Not busy enough that I feel like I'm really in school, but not free enough to do things that students typically do when they're... not in school.

Next week, my internship is over and I'm finished with summer school, but I only get a week of true "student summer," and I have to move into my new apartment.

I wish I could just........ play :)

A Hazy San Francisco

Sometimes, I think San Francisco looks a little better out of focus. I went last week for a really short time to take a few snaps, but the fog and the weather was a little bit uncooperative, so I decided to put the haze to an extreme.

Week 34/52 I Will Go the Distance

thank you Tyler for helping me with this shot and the previous one as well

San Francisco pictures and other places will be posted up soon, I just gotta get some annoying schoolwork stuff out of the way. Also, I'm shooting a wedding this weekend, yay!

Las Vegas Part II

A couple more scenes from Las Vegas:

And let me just say: Las Vegas evening weather + pool = <3

Las Vegas Part I

A couple friends and I went to Vegas a few weekends ago. The first night we arrived, we just drove along the strip and walked around. Liiiiights, liiiiights :)

Santa Barbara Zoo

Last Thursday I went to the Santa Barbara Zoo for the first time, armed with my Nikon D90 and 70-200mm. I'm planning to upgrade the D90 to a new full frame once Nikon stops beating around the bush and announces one! Anyway, the weather was perfect to go to the zoo that day. It wasn't too hot nor too cold, and the sky was overcast, so all the animals were bathed in some really nice, even diffuse light. It was glorious. Enjoy! :)

Ostrich Farm & Solvang

Last week I went to an Ostrich Farm! It's a tiny place just off of the 101 on the way to Solvang. I suppose an old lady and her family live there and just make their money off of selling ostrich eggs and getting people to pay to see and feed them. Very fun, though :)

A super short video showing how vicious they can be when they eat:

Then we headed on over to Solvang! I realize a lot of my pictures don't really depict "Solvang," so I included a shot of a windmill, haha.

Week 32/52 Secret

I know I don’t know you
But I want you so bad
Everyone has a secret
But can they keep it
Oh no they can’t

Secret // Maroon 5

Good news! I have a website now!

For some time now I've realized that I needed a website that would give a quick snapshot of my portfolio without having people look through page after page on my flickr or this blog, and so after putting it off for a while due to school and other things, I finally have one! :)

Visit me at!

The Shallow End

I've always glanced for a millisecond at this location while driving to and from my internship. So on Sunday, Tyler and I finally went to go check it out. It's even better than I expected! This little river like area lives underneath the road and has some surprisingly okay light. It did smell a bit though...

ALSO! I have some exciting news to share with you all soon :)

Pariah Outtakes

I had some extra photos of the shoot from that day, so I thought I'd share. The light was particularly cooperative that day. :) Enjoy!