Late night mini portrait session.

"How do you think you look right now?" he asked me as I was washing the dishes.

"Normal?" I guessed as I wondered whether or not this was a trick question.

It was 10pm at night, I had just made myself a quick cup of coffee in hopes to stay up a little bit later since there have been quite a few early mornings lately.

He wanted to make sure I liked the way I looked, because he wanted to photograph me. It was another interesting process. I'm usually pretty hesitant about being photographed on instant film by him because I always feel like a boring subject.

Tonight's mini study was for him to find a way to connect with his subject, introduce a bit of motion into the image, and vary the composition in the frame. Also, to get away from his seemingly favorite habit of side-lighting me to the point where half my face is in shadow, which I quickly found to be unflattering for me.

Perhaps the most important part of the portrait taking process... connection with the subject - how you're going to photograph someone who believes being captured on instant film is a waste.

Images by Tyler.

Instant Film FP100C Polaroid 195
Instant Film FP100C Polaroid 195