4x6" Print Box of Wedding Images

Compared to most other wedding photographers, I don't deliver hundreds of thousands of images. It can be overwhelming to see them all, and I don't want you to be stuck staring at the computer screen going through up to a thousand images that will remain on the computer forever. For every hour of shooting, I typically deliver an average of about 30-40 final, edited images. I aim to present only the best that show the story of your wedding day.

In every wedding package I include a box of all wedding images printed at 4x6". I do this because I want to ensure that you have another way of looking at your pictures, and that those wedding images aren't just forgotten on your computer. They are perfect for immediately framing a couple of your favorites, putting them up on your fridge, tucking them in your bag so you can pull them out to show your friends, or sending a few of them out to friends and family. Nothing beats having a printed image that you can hold in your hand.

You can relax on your couch late at night as newlyweds, sip a cup of hot chocolate, and look through your pictures together one by one. In fact, please do, because your images were meant to be experienced that way.

There are 379 pictures in this box.

Portraits of Myself

Sometimes when we take photos of ourselves, we have a go-to pose or look that we find works. Some people strike up their good side, some people put their hands on their hips, and some people throw up a peace sign. According to Tyler, I tilt my head to the right. I also usually flash a huge smile on my face.

Oddly enough, I am never satisfied with the self portraits I take to represent myself. I feel a layer of vanity upon any photo I take of myself, and I think the same goes for most people. We want to choose photos that we think we look good in to represent ourselves. However, I am never completely happy and I end up changing it constantly - the picture in my 'About Me,' on my website, etc. The images I find myself choosing to represent who I am - and stay with - are images shot by Tyler. The images that he shoots of me are the most honest versions of me. 

Mamiya RB67 + Kodak T-MAX 100

I never know when or what day he'll shoot a picture of me, so I'll wear what I normally wear - my favorite striped cardigan, skip the curling iron because it kills my hair, and toss it into a messy braid instead. I'll wear a dress I'm not quite sure what to accessorize with, and I'll sling the X100 around my neck.

He'll ask me to stand somewhere and he'll point the camera at me. Because it's him behind the camera, I am relaxed. I am calm. And I'll simply stand there with a small smile while I watch him find focus with the medium format camera he gave me as my graduation present. I ask him, "Is there anything you want me to do?" because this is a film camera and I know he'd want the shot to be perfect before pressing the shutter. And without looking up from the viewfinder and fiddling with the knobs, he'll say "Nah," and the camera snaps.

I didn't do my hair and I never got to choose which photo looked best from the other outtakes, because there were no other outtakes. But I think these will be some of the best images of me, and images I will keep using, because they are just so honest.

Nikon N80 + Fuji Velvia 50

"The camera always points both ways. In expressing your subject, you also express yourself." - Freeman Patterson.

Tyler's images of me are without my own sense of vanity. Instead, (and as cheesy as it sounds) they are seen by eyes that know the real me and show me as I really am.

Mamiya RB67 + Kodak T-MAX 100

Thank you, Tyler. :)

Digital Snaps From the Collective Past | Fuji X100

Just a few digital snaps from my previous little adventure to downtown Gilroy's antique shop. All images shot with the Fuji X100. I just love how one person's old, old junk is now another person's vintage treasure and sold for much more than it used to cost. I just love the old milk jars!

Downtown Gilroy and the Collective Past | On Film

Whenever I can, I love going out armed with a film camera for personal shooting. I visited downtown Gilroy with Tyler and we checked out a really awesome antique shop called the "Collective Past." I was in vintage heaven with all the neat little things they had around! I definitely will be visiting that place more often. Downtown Gilroy also had some neat textures and signage that looked great on film. Immediately afterwards I went to the local Walgreens to get the negatives developed. All images shot on a Nikon N80 with Kodak Gold 200 film. Post production includes some straightening and slight curve adjustment to inject some more contrast into the images.
 As the sun went down the images became dramatically cooler. I'm not sure if it's because the film is old, but this film consistently gave a blueish/greenish cast to the images. I love how it handles indoors in fluorescent lighting, interestingly enough.

Jackie & Nate | Sheraton Universal Starview Room

I was super excited to shoot again at the Sheraton Universal's Starview Room for Jackie and Nate's amazing reception. They're a gorgeous couple and there was so much love between them and their friends.
Annie Hall Photography
Annie Hall Photography
Annie Hall Photography
Annie Hall Photography
Annie Hall Photography
Annie Hall Photography
Annie Hall Photography
Annie Hall Photography
Annie Hall Photography
Annie Hall Photography

Second shot for Christine - larkphoto.com

Karl Strauss Brewing Company

Nothing beats taking out the Fuji X100 out to enjoy a fun day at Universal Studios and having dinner at the Karl Strauss Brewing Company inside Universal Citywalk with some awesome people. The fellow featured here is Ben, who has gotten me into the joys of some quality beer! At Karl Strauss we tried the Red Trolley Ale and the Wreck Alley Imperial Stout.

I'm going to try to start updating my blog more consistently now, featuring some more personal work where I like to photograph the pleasant arrangements of life. Hope I follow through! :P

Jennifer & Khalid | Paso Robles Wedding Photographer

Jennifer and Khalid were married at the Mission San Miguel, and then they had their reception at the beautiful Mondo Cellars in Paso Robles, California. The day was easy going, full of laughs, and filled with lots of love from friends and family. :)