Facebook Page!

I've been putting off making a facebook business page for a while, but here it finally is:
Yay! :)

A Graduation Gift from Tyler

Tyler bought me a Mamiya RB67 as my graduation present last week! Today we just replaced the light seals (by ourselves!), so hopefully we'll start looking into getting our film developed and scanned. I can't wait! :) I've always loved the quality and look of medium format.

A shoot with Ariana and Kelsie

This isn't really my area of photography, but MUA Kelsie Gygi and I got together and did a small little shoot with Ariana Sterrett, who modeled for us. Hair by Ronni Seth. I may be terrible at giving direction, but Ariana did so well and was such a natural at movement/posing that I would find myself saying, "Could you, maybe... you know, move your hand like... YEAH!" It was fun. Definitely a new experience, since my style is either completely photojournalistic or at the least coaxed photojournalism, where I just tell my subjects to interact with each other and I'll capture the moments for something like an engagement shoot. My best work usually comes when I have absolutely no control over a situation except to capture it without interference. 

In any case... enjoy!

The Pride of Wall Street

Scenes from "The Pride of Wall Street," a feature by Jeff Brotherton. I day played as the set photographer.

Vanessa & Cesar

A couple weekends ago was my first second shooting experience! I worked with Meredith Rose Photography, and it was awesome second shooting for Kristen because right from the start I felt like we clicked, which made this wedding a really good experience for both of us (it's her first wedding!). Vanessa and Cesar were really friendly and laid back, and during the day I could feel how happy they were. It's really inspiring, and I hope these photos do justice to that lovely day.

shot in association with Meredith Rose Photography - http://www.meredithrosephotography.com

Updates on "Together"

We're still going strong with our daily picture together. However, there are days when I feel like absolute crap and taking a creative photo is the last thing I want to do. On those days, I let Tyler do all the concept-creating, composition, lighting, etc. All I have to do is jump.