Cupcake Production Stills

a series of production stills from Kelly Artz's UCLA grad short film titled "Cupcake." It was great working with them! I shot stills for the first two days and then stepped in as 2nd AC for the third day.

Escondido Falls

A fantastic day of hiking and movies after three long days of working on set!


My lease is keeping me from the real world. Or so I'd like to keep saying... :)
What seems to be upcoming for me? Doing some set photography, AC-ing for a day on a feature, and got a couple potential wedding gigs.. I just need to keep myself busy and keep shooting!

The Catch 22 of wanting to work on set is this... you have to keep your schedule free to accommodate new work, which doesn't let you commit to any paying part time or full time jobs. Yikes!   

Portraits of Tyler

I've been taking a break(ish) from photography... and figuring out more what my style is and what my vision is. I realized that this is something I'm always going to be figuring out.
I also realized that I really, really hate white backgrounds... especially in the studio setting. Anything but white, please.

One day, I'm going to build up my own studio and make images that are far from the "glamour" pictures so very much associated with studios. Until then, a giant piece of black foam board, a couple flashes, and a garage will do.