Holdfast Money Maker (version without the D-Rings)

holdfast money maker without the D-Rings

I know I've already written two separate blog posts about the Holdfast Money Maker, but this fabulous dual strap system is too awesome not to write about again.

I received the new version without the D-Rings courtesy of Holdfast, and I've been loving how I can wear my hair down. (I'm wearing it up here so you can see the straps better)

Holdfast Money Maker without D-Rings Holdfast Money Maker without D-Rings I'm still wearing the same color and same size.
No more D-Rings on the front and back. Subtly cleaner design!

Holdfast Money Maker without D-Rings

New clasps. I personally find these a little bit difficult to work with at times. Every now and then I'll quickly unclasp my camera so I can bring the camera high up above my head to shoot, but these clasps have slowed me down from doing that a lot. They are definitely much more secure, though.

I also lost one of the little leather pieces that's attached to it, so I just put in a keyring. Not as comfortable to pull as a leather tag.

Holdfast Money Maker without D-Rings
Holdfast Money Maker without D-Rings

Just a tip when receiving your first Holdfast Money Maker -

If you got the bridle tan or bridle chestnut, the leather will be pretty stiff at first. It took about a year of wearing my first Money Maker regularly before it became really soft and pliable.

So, when I first received the alternate version, I would bend the straps back and forth and rub the unfinished leather against itself to remove most of the sawdust-like particles. I'd do this while watching Netflix or something, and after a while it became soft enough that I didn't notice it much on my first shoot with it.  I liken this to breaking in a pair of ballet pointe shoes!

The next thing I'd love to see improved with the Money Maker (or something I can probably DIY) - minimizing the squeaking of the clasps and the locking screw. It does squeak a bit when I'm walking around with it since the metal is just rubbing against each other.

Here's a few more of me working with it. I usually wear the Holdfast with a shootsac at the same time. It's possible, just slide your bag behind you and bring the cameras to the front.

Holdfast Money Maker without D-Rings
photo by Gavin Farrington
Holdfast Money Maker without D-Rings
shot by Tyler Watkins

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Here's what you can do to quiet the squeaking from the locking screw rubbing against the clasps - wrap a thin layer of gaff tape onto the clasp!
holdfast clasp squeaking


The white walls that Daniel put up make the entire property really, really bright. Perfect for FP-100C ;)

Also, shooting pack film with the Mamiya RB67 is so, so satisfying. *ker-CHUNK* goes the shutter.

mamiya rb67 fp100C instant film