Photo shoots with Nicole

Lately I've been having an ongoing photo shoot with Nicole for her calendar project. It's definitely been a bit of a challenge accommodating both of our busy schedules and figuring out different concepts at the same time. But I think all the film production I did, the lighting class I took, and just growing more as a photographer has been really helpful, though. This past weekend we knocked off 7 different looks in just a few hours of the early morning! On Saturday we started shooting at 6:45am because I wanted to catch that special light that only comes right when the sun rises. Poor girl, but she was such a trooper. I made her gather and throw leaves in the air and get into the freezing January ocean waters! It was kind of hard faking a summer look (for the summer months) when it was freezing outside, but thankfully it got warmer and we pulled off even more shots. Just one more and the project will be done. :)

Here's a sneak peak of two of the shots we did in the morning.
(edit: these are the months September and November!)


  1. The natural colors are simply wonderful. And it looks like a summer afternoon. :)

  2. these are beautiful!
    hahaha you aren't allowed to complain about california "freezing".

  3. Wow, these are fantastic! Yeah, I've done my fair share of suffering for the "shot," but you gotta do what you gotta do. Great job!

  4. The second shot is really interesting

  5. BEAUTIFUL! I really enjoy your photos annie. :)