On Set with "Burial"

For most of my spring break, I've been working on Karl Ford's film "Burial" as a 2nd assistant camera. www.burialfilm.com

It's been a really awesome experience. The people I work with are great, and there are so many things I've learned (like the existence of a remote follow-focus?! Mind blown!). We've had a lot of professional equipment on set which has made shooting much easier and more efficient, and I think I might be spoiled now! Now I won't be able to work with anything less! :P

Without further ado, here are some behind the scenes shot from my iPhone! I'd have brought my camera for some better quality photos, but we had Cory as our on-set photographer and so I was busy being 2nd assistant camera to Brian and Orlando, who are both super fantastic and awesome.

Some of the food for us on set (because I love food):

A few shots of the camera equipment. We had a Canon 5D Mk2 and two Canon 7D's. We had them on steadicams, monopods, tripods, and whatever else you can think of with Zeiss lenses. The first picture there is that freaking cool remote follow focus!

We shot on a ranch up in Buelton. It was freeezing up there, and we had to stay up there for so long! For the time that I was on the crew, I got home at 5AM! D: Nevertheless, the location was pretty awesome.We had live guns and squibs.

Our main actress was Noot Seear.  http://www.nootseear.com/
More behind the scenes:

I got quite happy with my slate drawings. :) My drawings always correspond with the events in the scene.

Happy birthday to Eric, our behind the scenes videographer, who spent his 23rd birthday on set!


  1. wow this looks so legit! today... 2nd assistant camera, tomorrow, oscar winner? :)

  2. Nifty!

    Woah, seeing as a standard follow-focus can go for $2K I hate to think what that remote one costs! I spy a magic arm too. My 7" monitor and rails cleared customs in LA yesterday so they should be here soon! Yay!