An exciting weekend!

It's been an exciting weekend. :) Friday was UCSB's annual Reel Loud, a film festival of student-made 16mm silent films with live band accompaniments. It was so exciting to finally see all our hard work up on the screen, viewed by an auditorium full of people. I am so excited to announce one of the films I worked on, "Pass the Parcel" won Audience Choice Awards! "Pass the Parcel" also won Best Editing (Genevieve Sawicz) and Best Cinematography (Cameron Huntley and me, Annie Hall!)!!

(photo courtesy of Urvi Nagrani)

Today I went out to eat at a lovely restaurant called Arch Rock Fish. :)


  1. Congratulations. First of many to come....

    Great pics. Food looks yummy.

  2. ooh la la, big things are coming for you!

    those drinks would be so good right now.