This was a bit annoying to shoot. First off, the swing was pretty sketchy (as you can see the duct tape on it!) and it was at least about four feet off the ground. It was really tricky to get on it and hard to stay on it!
Second, once I got on, the swing started swaying back and forth relentlessly. I had to sit as still as I could for a couple minutes to try to get it to stay so I would stay in focus. Even worse, some random guy walked by all this!

I would hop on, suffer a few scrapes from wrapping the rope around my arm to get up, take a bunch of shots, hop off, and review the images. I got on and off about three times until I finally felt like I had something to work with.

Also, I have exciting news! I got hired to shoot my first wedding in late August - I am so excited! :)


  1. Really Nice. Your hair blowing out really makes the photo. Beautiful.

  2. wow you are persistent! the result was worth the effort though.

    and congrats on your wedding booking!!

  3. I love ittttt!!!