Fujifilm X100

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I picked up a Fujifilm X100 recently and I have been having a blast shooting with it.  I'm going to Hong Kong in a few months and I wanted a quality camera I can bring with me without weighing me down or generating too much attention (wow, that's a big camera!).

It's definitely got the little annoyances that I was prepared for from reading reviews online, such as the autofocus, its power up speed, and generally the menu interface and such. I decided to get one because carrying around the D700 was troublesome, heavy, and got a lot of attention. I wanted something compact with the superior image quality I craved so much. My Canon S95 just didn't compare to the quality of my D700 nor the convenience of the camera I always have with me - the iPhone.

I love having the X100 around. It's extremely quiet, discreet, and compact and gorgeous enough to wear around my neck without feeling silly. The image quality is amazing, and I love the fixed focal length. Here are some shots I got with it around Henry Coe Park, Fremont Peak, and San Francisco.