A Small Food Adventure with the X100S

I do not consider myself in the slightest a foodie. But I do love browsing blogs and instagrams that are filled with beautiful, quaint little coffee shops bathed in beautiful natural light, sometimes wishing I enjoyed coffee as much as all these people did. Occasionally I do like to take pictures of such food places, but it is definitely not a regular thing nor do I think I do it well enough. But since I got the X100S in the afternoon, it was only appropriate to try it out in the field.

Note: It may be surprising to know that I feel self-conscious photographing restaurants, my plate of food, or anything where my camera points in the direction of a person. When I'm on the job, this doesn't bother me because I'm in a different mindset. But when I'm taking photos on my own, I just get shy! So it's especially important for my camera to get the shot fast enough. I really hate having to bring my camera up towards the same direction several times trying to get that one shot. Luckily, the X100S was fast enough for me to get the shot I wanted without drawing too much attention to myself.

On this little food adventure, my friend and I got a crepe at Crepes de Paris, moved over to Bruxie for a Belgian hot chocolate, and finally headed to Yard House for a lettuce wrap and a Newcastle.


  1. Terrific! Low-light with the new cam is very impressive. In the right hands, that is. :) Nice takes!

  2. These are awesome! I have to get me one! :) *I'm also shy and I'm conscious people are thinking that I'm weird. :(*