Just a few instants since 2014 started...

These images were quickly pulled from my instagram ( Since I usually grab the Instax 210 and/or the Nikon FM when I go out hiking or just personal events, I procrastinate at getting them digitized, though I just recently got myself an Epson V600 scanner!

Instax really needs a good amount of sunlight to get a good image. It didn't shine too well in the overcast bits of a park, so my friends and I drove up to the top of the hills, literally chasing light.
Instax 210

I think this is the first time I used the Instax 210 for an indoor event, at my dad's birthday party. Best to set the exposure to 'L' for "Lighter" to compensate for that direct flash + tiny aperture that usually darkens the background to a black oblivion. I also brought the Mamiya RB67 with polaroid back and some FP-3000B. The instant films were a big hit! Even the waiters commented on them.
Instax 210 indoors flash

I kept the negatives to scan later.
FP3000B black and white instant film negatives

iPhone boxes are the perfect size for temporarily storing instant film. I'll need to scan all of these soon. I actually ordered some 3.5"x5" sheet protectors to assemble my own instant film album. :)

Update: Just received my 3x5" x 5" sheet protectors as I was writing this blog post!
DIY instant film instax photo album

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  1. Inspirational, annie! :) Love your make it yourself album with sheet protectors. Look forward to more of this!