Fuji X100/X100S 50mm Equivalent for $35

Fuji X100 X100S teleconverter lens 50mm and adapter

By now, it's pretty clear that when I travel and bring a digital camera, it's usually the Fuji X100S.

The only thing Tyler and I have usually griped about it is that it's not the greatest focal length for some nice portraits occasionally. The widest I'll usually go for an up-close portrait is a 50mm.

We didn't want to buy another small camera system just for that focal length capability (such as the Fuji XPro1 or a Sony A7R). $$$$$$$

After we saw that Fuji posted a photo showing a new teleconverter lens for the X100/S, we simply didn't want to wait for that.

After googling for a while and hunting on eBay, Tyler found a fantastic and affordable combination to get that 50mm look on a X100/S for just $35. (Don't forget you'll also need the little adapter ring needed to use a lens hood with the X100/S).

He found a 1.5X teleconversion lens for about $30, and a 49mm-58mm step up ring for about $5. Granted, the lens is a little difficult to find so cheap. He saw one go for £1 and another for $80-100.

Fuji X100 X100S teleconverter lens 50mm and adapter

For what it is, I think it's a fabulous deal. We just wanted to use it for some quick portraits occasionally. Granted, the image quality falters towards the edges of the frame, and I'm sure the one Fuji comes out with in April or May will be better quality and perfect on the edges (but of course, more $$$).

However, for what it is, I can't complain. Autofocus still works too! Best to use it in the EVF mode since the size of the lens blocks a lot of your view in the OVF. Check it out yourself here (and see the degree of slight distortion towards the edges) -

Fuji X100 X100S teleconverter lens 50mm and adapter

Standing at the same distance, image on the left was shot with the teleconversion lens, image on the right is shot without it.

It's great in the center of the frame, but starts to warp at the edges of the frame. Here's another example: Note the white edge of the doorway next to Peanut.

Fuji X100 X100S teleconverter lens 50mm and adapter

Updated to add another example of the edge distortion/prisming effect:

Fuji X100 X100S teleconverter lens 50mm and adapter

Anyway, I'm excited to use this! It's a fabulous set up for what it is, and I still can't wait to see the teleconversion lens Fuji comes out with later this year.

UPDATE! More photos and thoughts here: http://anniehallphoto.blogspot.com/2014/07/fuji-x100x100s-50mm-equivalent-update.html


  1. Awesome write up Annie! I'd really like to try it out too. I'm okay with corner sharpness (or lack of) since I never put anything of note in the corners and I'm not a landscape photog. And distortion is fine as long as it's uniform, since it's pretty easily corrected. I like old school metal Nikon-ish look of the adapter too. Hot!

  2. Thanks for this post, Annie. Once again you've brought this photographer smiles in abundance. I want to try this out but I might be able to wait. hehe Commenting on what Josh posted; have you tried setting up an adjustment template in Lightroom for the distortion from the lens? Does it work?

    1. Hey Timothy! I don't think just having an adjustment template in lightroom would work, and here's the reason why - The distortion that's coming from the lens isn't just perspective, it's also the way that the depth of field is being rendered, if that makes any sense. If you look closely at that last photo I posted, it's not really like distortion on a wide angle where it can be fixed in Lightroom, it's like using a mismatched lens.