I.V. Locals Remember Tragedy

Nick Bourdakis, Christopher Divis, Ruth Levy and Elie Israel were killed on the night of Feb. 23, 2001 when 19-year-old UCSB student David Attias drove his car down the 6500 block of Sabado Tarde Road at high speed, striking them all. Campus and community members gathered at Little Acorn Park today at 6 p.m. to honor their lives. - from Daily Nexus reporter Patrick Schaeper

Photographing a memorial today (for my school newspaper) was an interesting experience. I felt a little bit awkward wandering around getting pictures while they were having the service, and I almost felt rude. Nobody seemed to mind though, except the photographer who said he was from the News Press. He gave me dirty looks.


  1. Did you photograph the memorial as an experience for yourself/fun, or was it for something else?

    I think as long as the people accept you, and you respect the memorial, you don't have to worry about being rude :)

    As for the News Press guy ... meh. haha!


  2. @Ant: this was for my school newspaper!

  3. Man still needs to grow, rest his soul

  4. I thought these came out well. My mom asked me to photograph my grandpa's funeral and I felt super awkward because I didn't want to disrespect anyone.

  5. That's right, give that other photog some stiff competition. Hah! Good job with these!