Week 8/52

Set up for this shot was pretty interesting. I've had this concept in mind for a while and I'm glad I finally found some black cloth for me to do this (I've been thinking about getting a portable backdrop, too...). I found it pretty easy to light since I knew what I wanted. Basically, I just had some regular fluorescent light bulbs on a Bed Bath and Beyond lamp to light up my back, and then I had an extra lamp lying around so I put that on the floor towards my face with some black foil attached to it to direct the light a bit more towards my hair. Otherwise, my hair would probably have been lost in the dark. I wish I could've had a light on the top for some hair light, but I had no more lamps and there was no way to attach it to the ceiling. I'm alright with that though.

The hardest part about this was attaching the cranes to my back by myself and figuring out posing. Posing right was really, really annoying. Here's a better look at the cranes:


  1. the shadows from the cranes are so awesome!

  2. I see some many fire code violation here. haha IMJK

    Excellent use of existing light and set up on the budget. In this photo yo have like a crazy mad stare. You got talent. :D

  3. Hi,

    That was great photo... I love see your stuff..

    Ok, take care and your friend at Xanga...