20th Annual Reel Loud Film Festival 2011 Opening Short

Here is the opening short I shot for the Reel Loud festival this year (that already passed). I feel like I'm always trying to explain what Reel Loud is and I'm sure I can never describe how awesome it is and all the work that goes into not only the films shown but also the entire show itself. My lazy butt is going to copy and paste my friend Ryan Turner's youtube video description. Hah!

      Ryan Turner was brought on to create this short film for UCSB's annual silent film festival. The festival requires students to shoot on 16mm and have a live music accompaniment to go along with them. Thus, we shot this short in that style.
     This short follows the hosts: Sahar and Nadia, as they attempt to gather help from the various faculty at UC Santa Barbara for the festival only to find out that the faculty are working on a show of their own. The theme of this year's festival was "circus".
     This showcases just how cool professors in the film and media studies department are. Be jealous..

Written by: Kyle Thompson
Directed by: Ryan Turner
Cinematography by: Annie Hall
Addition direction from: Addison Smith
Starring: Nadia Ismail and Sahar Vahedi, Joe Palladino, Jennifer Holt, Charles Wolfe, Anna Brusutti, Dan Reynolds, Maria Corrigan, Edward Branigan, and Jackie Apodaca
Music by: Leo Kaliski

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  1. ha! And I felt like I was lazy with only two paragraphs as a description : )