Week 26/52 127 Years

to not see
to not hear

It's quite fascinating that the best ideas for images usually come when I'm at the polar opposite of the top of the world. Originally, I wanted a straight-on portrait photo-manipulated to have a pair of hands covering my eyes and another pair of hands covering my ears. After a couple tries it didn't seem to be working so I improvised. I think the final image better emphasizes the emotional part of it without being accidentally creepy.


  1. I think you made the right choice. Covering everything up might have "blinded" your viewer a little too much, and I think the facial expression here is such an important element of the image. Nice job! The angles you created with your posture and hands are fantastic

  2. love the expression in your face :)

  3. Big fan of your work! Btw, you look like my friend... except you're hot haha!