New 85mm f/1.4D!

Tyler found us an amazing deal for an 85mm f/1.4D for only $900. The list price goes for about $1400, so I knew I had to snag it! I also wanted to take new portraits for some portfolio material, and Tyler was happy to oblige. This lens is absolutely AMAZING. It's solidly built and has a nice, weighty feel to it. It definitely deserves its nickname as the "cream machine" as it definitely just smooths out backgrounds. Enjoy!

Tyler took a few shots of me, but it was really windy and my hair wouldn't cooperate, so I shot him instead!


  1. Concerning the optical quality everything was said, it is the current there is a weakness of dive are only the consequence of an indistinct development: an experimented operator is imperative to pull the best.

    I have now the AF-S 85 mm f/1.4G f/1.4G The Rolls Royce of the objectives for the portrait painters, This new optical jewel gives to portraits a simply extraordinary dimension. The resolution, the dive of image and the contrasts are ├ępoustouflants, and the obtained soft focus or bokeh is of a completely exceptional quality.
    The optical quality is irreproachable and the bright opening f / 1.4 allows to separate exactly the subject of the background, whereas the circular diaphragm eases elements outside of the zone of development.

  2. LOVE these, especially the last shot! what an amazing lens, so dreamy :)

  3. The last one is simply amazing!
    And I loved your photos, simple and natural.

  4. Your going to have a lot of fun with that f1.4 Annie, I cant wait to see more shots from you with it. I love using the 85 f1.8 but if I ever find the cream machine at that price I would snap it up too.

    ps. LOL @Allan's comment - a Shakespeare of photography.