It's that time of year again at UCSB... REEL LOUD! Honestly it's very much like an end of the year banquet for film majors. I've already bought my dress for it (only $10! I love inexpensive clothes). Reel Loud is UCSB's prestigious annual film festival in which all the films are shot and edited on 16mm film, just like the old ways. There's live music accompaniment with the films and people get pretty into it.

This year, I only worked on one Reel Loud... TRUNKO. In previous years I've worked on maybe 3 or 4 at a time, but that usually burnt me out and I sometimes had trouble with which film to be loyal to. :P

TRUNKO is about a boy who finds a corpse washed up a beach, and he becomes friends with it. His school bullies try to take the corpse away from him, and the boy must stand up for himself.

The story was endearing and I was honored to DP it. Though we hit some rough patches along the way, it was definitely a rewarding experience and I learned so much (including the fact that I should've worn sunscreen on the second day!!!) I saw an immense amount of dedication and investment with the people I worked with.

Just a couple snaps with the iPhone:

Written, directed, and produced by Sam Lerner

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  1. these photos are great annie! you have an uncanny ability to capture the moments and ambiance of sets really well =)