Gratuitous Peanut Photos... and some cats

All out animal blog post!! I may or may not have an obsession with Peanut, Tyler's corgi. He's extremely well-behaved and smart when he's indoors, but he becomes vicious towards other dogs or bolts off if his leash isn't on. Behind the mask of the sweet, innocent puppy eyes lies a competitive, stubborn little guy who loves other people and hates other dogs. "No Peanut, STOP trying to fight those other dogs!"

And also complementary photos of Astro and Jaws.

And because Peanut always stares at me with those big eyes and I always carry my iPhone:


  1. Oh my, what an adorable post! I absolutely love the b&w picture of the smaller cat looking up at the bigger one from under the couch. So precious.

  2. Hi Annie! I'm tyler's friend. I love the way you shoot! im in lovee w/ peanut's portraits, esp the first one! I hope I can meet you someday :) cheers!