The Trails by Top of the World | Hacienda Heights

We're just barely past the middle of January and I feel like it's been forever, or that something's taking too long. I can read an email one afternoon and feel like it was sent days ago when it was just yesterday. I guess that's the feeling you get when busy-ness escapes you and the feeling of too much time starts to get the best of you. So far I've picked up some new gear and sold off an old camera, met a few cool people I'll be working with, dealt with that whole Las Vegas Rihanna thing, and got asked to use one of my images for a full page in AAA's Westways magazine. Still, late at night, I get a little stressed out thinking about the future and my photography.

I suppose it's good to remember to stop and smell the roses. Take advantage of the time I have now to take hikes around my neighborhood, get some exercise, travel, and play with Peanut. At the end of month I'll be going to Yosemite to celebrate my 23rd birthday with a few cool people. :)

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