Point Lobos | Fujifilm Instax 210

Beautiful Point Lobos coastal waves as captured by the Fujifilm Instax 210.

I picked up this nifty instant camera because I loved instant film, but using the Polaroid SX-70 with Impossible Project film was too expensive ($25 for 8 frames) for all the unfavorable quirks it had. So for just $65 for the camera and 20 frames for $16.99, I've been really happy with the images it gives me. I also don't have to shield it from light immediately after ejecting from the camera or wait half an hour as I have to with Impossible film.


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  2. What kind of lighting do you use in these pictures? I tried to take a picture of the beach in normal and it was too bright almost white, so i used dark and it was the same.

    1. That's strange, Hanna! I find that with the Instax, it's best to shoot in bright midday light with the sun directly on the subject/scene. I've never really had any problems with a scene being too bright - it's always been a problem with the scene being too dark or too backlit. Perhaps your instax's meter is broken? I know that Instax's aperture is about a fixed f/22 and the film has a sensitivity of ISO800 so it shines really well in bright light.