I love prints. I strongly believe that photographs are best experienced through the timelessness of a print. There's something organic and real about looking at and touching the prints of your images rather than just seeing them on a computer screen, and I highly encourage everyone to get their images printed in some form.

Also, I've been tinkering around my room for a while, giving it a new layout, some new decorations, and lots of framed prints :) I discovered that I love organizing and I love decorating, and it was time for my room to get a makeover.


  1. wowow this is too awesome i wish i liked normal photos enough to print them out :[[ but im glad you spruced up your room with prints :3 not gunna lie its definitely the easiest way to make your room look better :D

  2. Love it Annie! You have a creative eye and love seeing all your photos printed and framed. :)